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Our Alpaca's


These alpaca's fiber has waviness or "crimp" which makes the fiber stand out about the animal like a teddy bear.  They are shorn once a year.





Welcome to the California Gold Country

Our ranch is located 10 minutes north of Auburn CA, off Highway 49 in Nevada County, nestled in the foothills of the California Gold Country. This tranquil haven on 7 acres with green pastures and shady oaks, is our place to enjoy and share.  


On our ranch (Loping Horse Ranch), we raise chickens for their awesome eggs, Alpaca's for their beautiful fiber and we enjoy promoting the beautiful music of the Native American Flute!


Loping Wolf Flute & Drum Circle:  Our musical journey is primarily the healing music of the Native American Flute (NAF)!  We began our flute journey in 2005 at Lake of the Pines.  When Dan and I saw this ranch in early 2007, we knew it was a sacred place for this wonderful musical journey to flourish in. 


We have hosted the Mary Youngblood Retreats here from May to October  on the first Saturday of each month since 2008.  We have experienced so much growth as a group in listening to each other so we can ALL contribute to playing beautiful music! 


Use the links below to experience the joy of a collaborative group taking the opportunity of these retreats to learn from Two-Time Grammy winner, Mary Youngblood!  Those interested in joining the Retreats or learning to play this wonderful instrument can contact Dan at DanDi@lopingwolf.com




  1. Our Retreat Video's by Mike Ely
  2. Photo Link:   Ranch Picture's:  Flickr Site
  3. Shutterfly:  Loping Wolf Events Calendar 
    View our interactive calendar.  Sign up on our Loping Wolf Shutterfly site to be notified of our events, add flute events, view our event pictures or read Dan's Newsletter's!
  4. Lopus One CD:  Available for $15.00 at the retreats.
  5. Music Galore:  See "ClintGoss.com" for NAF Music Tabulature and more"

LOPING WOLF Flute ~n~ Drum Circle:

 My name is Dan, and I am a “flute-a-holic.” I am writing these thoughts as a hopeless Fluter, attempting to share as much information with you as I am able. So, as Sue and Ely say, “get your ‘A’ up there” (your ‘A’ minor flute), grab on and hold tight, because the “Journey” will be the BEST one you will not forget.  If you would like the LOPING WOLF Gazette newsletter, email Dan at dandi@lopingwolf.com  It is filled with the flute community events and news!


Mary Youngblood Musical Retreat:

May through October:  

Loping Wolf Flute Members and Guests!   Refresh your spirit!  Retreat for a day at these special musical NAF retreats with Mary Youngblood.  This one day retreat  on the first Saturday of each month from May through October includes a potluck by all attendee's from Noon to 1:30 and a Mary Youngblood NAF Workshop for $45.00.   Share Native American Flute (NAF) techniques, attend workshops or participate in open mic session's to practice what you've learned or just jam.  Check out some of the retreat picture's HERE.
For information, directions and to make your reservation(s) prior to each retreat, call Dan at 530-613-4197or email him at dandi@lopingwolf.com Click here for more info...

Retreat Schedule (Subject to change)...  

  • 12:00 PM:  Potluck Lunch
  • 2:00 PM:  Musical Presentation
  • 2:30 to 4:00 PM:  M.Y. Workshop
  • 2:30 to 4:00 PM:  Open Mic
  • 4:00 to 5:00 PM:  Music Jam

Mary's Native American Flute workshop is $45.00 per person.  Bring your "A" Flute for the class!



Our Alpaca's:

The Huacaya [wah-KAI-ah] has waviness or "crimp" which makes the fiber stand out about the animal like a teddy bear.  These are the type of alpaca's on our ranch.  They are shy, intelligent creatures and a delight to have on the ranch.  Alpaca's are gentle on the land and are our fiber herd.  Also see "Suri's".


See our Ranch Photo's here...  Alpaca Herd


Here are some interesting Alpaca YouTube links:

Alpaca History:  Click on this link for history of alpaca's and the Peru Project!  Secrets of the Alpaca Mummies  (pdf)


Fiber Art:  People who work with natural fibers are discovering the virtues of alpaca for creating a wide range of products.  Some purchase fiber, roving's or yarn from alpaca owners.  We enjoy these gentle creatures and are working on developing private workshops to teach  fiber processing to spin into yarn for weaving, knitting and crocheting. 


Workshops:  A variety of workshops are available upon request

  1. Private Art Theory and Sketching Workshops:  Dan DiCicco

  2. Learn to play the Native American Flute:  Dan DiCicco

    • Monthly Flute Circle's are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. 

    • Private lessons available or with your group upon request.

  3. Alpaca Fiber Workshops: 

    • Choose and purchase your fiber from us for your workshop. 

    • Fiber Processing Workshops include:

      • Skirting (cleaning)

      • Carding/roving (Preparing)

      • Spinning fiber (Finished yarn)

      • Loom Basics

If you are interested in a workshop, email Dan  at dandi@lopingwolf.com or sheree.dicicco@gmail.com





Ranch Topics

Fresh ranch eggs

Are there recipes where using very fresh eggs makes an especially big difference?


Mother Earth News

The nutritional benefits of  fresh ranch ranch eggs ... ....Read

Our Chicken Breeds

See pictures of the chicken breeds we have.


Pullet Eggs

Prompted by longer days of spring, hens and pullets (chickens under a year old) begin to lay at a steady clip. Compared with the average supermarket variety, eggs from contented, pastured chickens produce richer yolks and perkier whites.



When life hands you egg yolks...

...you can't make lemonade. Every home baker or egg white omelet eater has had an egg imbalance at some point. Whether you have a single excess egg yolk or dozens and don't want to go to the trouble of freezing egg yolks, there are wonderful recipes you can make with them.



M.Y. Musical Retreats

Learn to play the Native American Flute!  Join us on the first Saturday of the month from April to October.