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Huacaya Alpaca's

These alpaca's fiber has waviness or "crimp" which makes the fiber stand out about the animal like a teddy bear.  They are shorn once a year.








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A Good Read:  Secrets of the Alpaca Mummies 

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Nevada County Farms, Ranches and Organization

Nevada County is home to a healthy and vibrant base of local agriculture producers. From grass fed beef to organic vegetables, from bees to Christmas trees, from incredible compost to delicious Cabernets, our county offers numerous micro-climates and healthy watersheds to support a complete local harvest.


Nevada County Grown is a non-profit, tax-exempt marketing organization created to strengthen the connection between local farmers and ranchers and the larger community. It is the result of collaborative efforts of key members of the Local Food Coalition, including the Agricultural Advisory Commission (AAC), the Agricultural Commissioner, the UC Cooperative Extension farm advisor, several members of the Nevada County Farm Bureau board, and a core group of dedicated community-at-large volunteers.


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Nevada County Farm Bureau