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Folks...  we have had many life changes and we are back!




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Loping Wolf Flute and Drum Circle

Loping Wolf is located in the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains also know as the California Gold Country.

Our Native American Flute and Drum Circle:

We are the Lake of the Pines Wood Flute Circle or LOPING WOLF for short - a group of friends bitten by "Flute Fever". (There is no known cure.)

The "Spirit of the Flute" bit us real bad. It first bit Dan through Mary Youngblood's "Cold Wind" and the symptoms spread to the rest of the group. LOPING WOLF was formed out of a desire to play flutes and a need to know about the "Spirit of the Flute". That need has taken us on a wonderful journey, where we constantly discover many more people around us who are also "infected". They are everywhere!  

Our Chickens

AT THE RANCH:  We raise chickens for their wonderful fresh eggs and we reap the benefits of the natural pest control they provide.  They love the bugs and we love the bugs gone!  Plus their eggs are awesome! 


Fresh:  What is "fresh"?  Our eggs are less than a week old when sold.   We do not have eggs older than a week. 


Sorting Method: We do not sort our eggs by size.  Our eggs are gathered daily and what you get is what was laid that day.  This is why each dozen is an assortment of sizes and colors.... Green, blue, brown, buff and white eggs. 


Egg Washing:  We do not wash our eggs to keep the protective "bloom" in tact.  This is why fresh ranch eggs last longer!  Please wash them before using.


NO pesticides:  Our chickens are allowed to "free range" for most of the day on 8 acres.  They are allowed to go anywhere they want! 


Cost: To keep our costs at a minimum ($4.00 per dozen), we ask our customers to return unsoiled/non-torn LHR cartons when picking up your next order.

Our Huacaya Alpaca's

Fiber Workshops are in the works!


The Huacaya [wah-KAI-ah] has waviness or "crimp" which makes the fiber stand out about the animal like a teddy bear.  These are the type of alpaca's on our ranch.  They are shy, intelligent creatures and a delight to have on the ranch.  Alpaca's are gentle on the land and are our fiber herd.


Benefits:  People who work with natural fibers are discovering the virtues of alpaca fiber for creating a wide range of products.  Some purchase fiber, rovings or yarn from alpaca owners.  We enjoy these gentle creatures and will be processing the fiber to spin into yarn for weaving, knitting and crocheting.  Alpaca fiber is a great alternative for people who are allergic to the lanolin in wool.  It is a wonderful alternative for people who love natural fiber clothes as there is no lanolin in the fiber.


Additional benefits are the "Alpaca Gold" or manure.  Alpaca manure (alpaca poop) is a good fertilizer.   It's lower in organic matter than manure from other farm animals which results in less risk of burning plants.  It also has comparatively high levels of nitrogen and potassium which are major plant nutrients and part of the well-known N-P-K indicator on fertilizer bags.





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