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Mark and Cleo

Mark Antony and Cleopatra ... Egyptian geese.





2015 News

Alpaca Shearing Day

Interesting Day!  GREAT Crew! Thank you all so much!





Retreat Events

Mary Youngblood NAF Musical Retreat

Old Friends and New Friends alike come to this special musical retreat.  Make your reservation and join us for this wonderful day!







Our Ranch Retreat

Ranch photos and more...

PopArt Our home Coco, Elvis and Sebastian Our Alpaca Herd
The Granddaughter Our Home Coco, Elvis and Sebastian Our Alpacas
Pastures through the oaks Kittens on Fountain Falcon Nest Dan checking the Falcon Nest
View of Pasture
through the Oaks
Kittens and Fountain The Falcon Nest Dan & the Falcon Nest
The  Ranch Alpaca Herd 2011 1-2012_Winter Chickens The Geese
The Ranch 2011 Herd Integration 2011 January 2012 Geese at Neighbors Pond
Cleopatra Our Egyptian Goose Amigo - No! I don't want to go! The Crew Shearing Destin Our Fiber
Cleopatra Amigo-
No! I don't want to!
The Shearing Crew Alpaca Fiber
The GS's - Samson and Nevada Dan and Dogs on their walk Nevada's Couch Beautiful Eggs
The German Shepherds
Samson and Nevada
The Evening Walk Nevada - Favorite Couch! Beautiful Eggs!
Father and Son at Retreat Friends June 2012 Retreat Retreat Jam
Father and Son Friends Retreat Jam Retreat Jam 2
  Mark and Cleo - The Egyption Geese